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Changzhou dechang electrical appliance factory
insist on quality in order to survive,.we think technology as useful tool for development . we always give top priority to quality. From the raw materials, components procurement, outsourcing, outsourcing manufacturers strict selection, to processing, assembly, debugging, testing, etc. are strictly controlled every step to ensure good brand reputation. the factory have cultivated high-level technical staff, to increase product research and development efforts to ensure the sustainable development of the factory, strenghen the ability to compete. Now we have a mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer software, such as the high level of outstanding multi-disciplinary professional team IPC.

There are currently stepping motor 42BYG, 57BYG, 86BYG, 110BYG, 130BYG, 150BYG series,...
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Changzhou Dechang Electrical Appliance Factory
Add:Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Hengshan Town Village (300 meters west of Red Sun Hotel, provincial village opposite the old apartment)   
Technology support line:0519-88390353,88372653   Fax:0519-88370167   Post:213119